become a bit more…

Graffiti on the wall in Prague, Ha’anala 76

And as for loving those whom we experience as enemies, some counsel from Brother David Steindl-Rast here.

And yes, you can try this at home, at work and in the world.

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1 thought on “become a bit more…”

  1. It is possible to wish my enemy love, but that does not mean that I love him/her…

    On Easter Sunday morning I run Festival at our school to celebrate Easter.
    I tried to share the pictures of the meaning of Easter, why we have Easter egg in Easter basket and what secret it carries inside, why it is Easter Hare who brings the egg, not easter rabbit. I told children that Easter is about renewing our capacity to love. That that sun that rose on the Easter Sunday Morning is also in our hearts, so we can experience the power of love and we can love each other.

    With these simple pictures I carried though that day, a feeling and realisation came to me in the quietness of the night, how I cannot, how I am not able , at least at this moment, to love my enemies.
    Very painful and awakening realisation for a Christian.

    Then in the morning a thought run through my mind:
    How big was Christ love if he was really able to love his enemies?
    That was a very touching moment of reverence… moment of realising of how pure and deep was Christ deed to love everyone, including his enemies.

    Yes agree with words in the text:
    “To love our enemies may be our only way out”.
    However a question fills in my being, if I cannot love my enemies, are the any other ways out?

    From the suggested actions in the text I am now only able to follow this about counteractting my enemies effectively on a given issue and join the greatest possible variety of likeminded people.
    And of course entrust myslef and my enemies to the great Mystery of life.

    Before this Easter I have never felt it in he depth of my heart the true significance and meaning of the words “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”…

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