We can’t say now,
‘No, we didn’t know…’
We did.
We can’t say,
‘There’s nothing I can do.’
There is.
We can’t tell ourselves,
‘I’m not good or strong or wise enough.’
We are.

We don’t know the answer.
It doesn’t matter–
the answer knows us.
It reaches through us,
if we let it.

We can read it
like the fine print
on a faded page
of the recipe book
handed down to us,
by the grandmother
we are destined to

Tanya Coburn

Image CC BY 4.0

a ritual to welcome serendipity

At our house, we have a ritual that we practice almost every morning.

It started with a pack of ‘Inner Beauty’ cards, that a friend gave me many years ago. They are kept in a small wooden box. I used to select one or more every now and then, or use them with groups or friends, but then my partner and I began to create a ritual with them. We chose three.

Three inner qualities. Every day.

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maybe you'd like to know about the GAIA initiative

Perhaps you already know about this initiative through the Presencing Institute. The acronym stands for Global Activation of Intention and Action. I’ve taken their wonderful mooc, u.lab, several times since 2015.

Image from the Presencing Institute

You can read about the background to this initiative in Otto Scharmer’s excellent analysis of the Covid-19 crisis at this link.

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