book review: Klara and the sun

There’s a particular mood to Kazuo Ishiguro’s novels. Beginning a new one is like entering a familiar building, a restrained building like the Baillieu library at Melbourne University with its fragrance of old books, its gentle lighting, its quietness. There are definite limits, an interiority. Through the first person narrative of one of Ishiguro’s characters, you peer at the outer world from your narrowed perspective with a penetrating gaze but with a consequent failure to see some of the most significant elements threatening you.

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over the phone

Over my outdated corded landline, my dear friend, Berta read me a poem she translated from German. We are keeping distant as she’s 96 and can suffer from weakness in her lungs. I can’t recall the exact words but it was a series of reminders repeated over and over. They were paradoxes. Never forget our uniqueness AND what we share; our isolation AND our connection.

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maybe you'd like to know about the GAIA initiative

Perhaps you already know about this initiative through the Presencing Institute. The acronym stands for Global Activation of Intention and Action. I’ve taken their wonderful mooc, u.lab, several times since 2015.

Image from the Presencing Institute

You can read about the background to this initiative in Otto Scharmer’s excellent analysis of the Covid-19 crisis at this link.

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