quiet blooms…

Quiet blooms
in the company of birdsong
the steady breathing of my partner
and all my cares
and placed in their containers
some neat, others spilling forth
to catch at my attention.

In quiet I resist
those that bubble up too noisily
and look instead
to cherish
the care that needs me most.

the old anxiety
that I might not be loved enough
within a width of tenderness
I render its worry

Tanya Coburn

turning the corner

Some shed surface,
some knot that is untangled,
some thought we can dismiss,
a way of looking
that distorts the world
we can relinquish
and let a liquid washing through of light
leave us ready
to turn the corner
look at the unknown
as though it were a friend of ours
wearing a fresh hat,
imperfect as yesterday,
offering us tea
and the wise choice
we couldn’t make before.

Tanya Coburn

I’m reading the poem here (a couple of times)