the shaft of something
penetrating deep
like sunlight
on an April autumn day

how each of my unworldly gifts
may count
as more than gorgeous nothings

in this great world
which lies within
which spreads outside outside
maternal curve of our own sphere

this sun
which shines its naming light
these fixed and moving stars obscured
they chorus now
in silence eloquent
reminding me
I am a child of cosmos

and closer now
the parsley feathers brave new leaves
the violet offers petals dark and
cautious distant fragrance
the nectarine releases curves
of late strewn golden leaf

the scrubwrens scold from greenery
and antechinus feast on alate termites
with folded wings before me
in search of some new home

while I
with all my small and delicate gifts
I seek benevolent sovereignty
within my high and broad
my slender and substantial realm

Tanya Coburn

you can listen to me read Sovereign a couple of times
The antechinus in action

a ritual to welcome serendipity

At our house, we have a ritual that we practice almost every morning.

It started with a pack of ‘Inner Beauty’ cards, that a friend gave me many years ago. They are kept in a small wooden box. I used to select one or more every now and then, or use them with groups or friends, but then my partner and I began to create a ritual with them. We chose three.

Three inner qualities. Every day.

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