Why would I come to see you?

People come to see me for a private session when something in their life, work or relationships feels stuck, or when they are experiencing the pain of an emotional challenge and want to gain clarity, encouragement and inspiration about their own resources and the strategies or approaches they need to support them.

As a writer and editor, I also support people who write for professional or personal exploration as a structural and copy editor. In this work, as well as helping with word choice and grammatical expression, our collaboration can help to strengthen the story you need to tell, to clarify your voice as a writer and to reveal the insights evident in your writing style and content.

How much do soul coaching sessions cost?

I like to work with a flexible rate for private sessions on a ‘pay what you feel’ basis which recognises that we all have different needs and priorities.

You can join a writing for wellbeing group, to explore soul suppport in a small group.

Editing work is dependent on the project. Contact me to talk about your project and budget.

What happens in a typical private session?

In a session, our work will be based on the themes that emerge in  our conversation. I will listen while you talk about the particular areas that are causing you to feel stuck so we can clarify the major topics and explore what is motivating the pain you are experiencing.

I may also ask you to undertake a very simple guided creative activity such as prompted creative writing, journalling, or a simple movement exercise. These are all very easy and require no skill or experience.

The focus is on developing your own resilience so that you can recover from any soul pain or congestion that you are experiencing and also explore ongoing practices that will support you to address new issues in more creative ways.

How many sessions do I need to book?

Sometimes a single session, or two or three meetings, are all that people need. If you need ongoing support, a weekly visit is also an option. Some of my clients come once a month, some every few weeks and others just come for a session or a series of sessions when a new challenge arises.

I’m not really a creative person—will this process suit me?

If we use a creative process in your session, it will be simple, effective and offer helpful insights. You won’t need any specific experience or skills to do any activity. What emerges from these activities can offer you further guidance and clarity and a way to reflect on your situation.

How do I know whether this process will work for me?

You can contact me to have a chat about your situation and assess whether working with me will suit your individual needs. There is never any obligation. I also offer workshops and writing for wellbeing group classes that give you a taste of the approach I use and the ways that I work. Sign up for my occasional mailing list (it comes out about monthly) to keep informed.