life coach

Sometimes we meet experiences in our lives that create sufficient difficulty that we feel as though we need some extra support.

I offer life coaching sessions which involve listening, dialogue, reflection, sharing of insights, and simple creative activities. These all help to create opportunities to look at your life from a broader perspective, see what is being asked of you, and begin to explore new options.

What I offer is grounded in the picture of the human being as possessing body, soul and spirit. I work with people who are interested in exploring the notion that we meet challenge and difficulty in our lives so we can reveal and develop new capacities and greater responsiveness to life. Usually the obstacles and influencing factors that have created our stuck patterns emerge as we work together. Together we can explore ways to move beyond these patterns and find something new.

To develop resilience we need to meet, witness and learn to resist becoming a victim of our difficult emotions and experiences.

We work out the timing and cost that will suit us both. Usually, I offer one-hour sessions at between $75 and $120 per hour.