If you are seeking to shift out of old habits, and want to find fresh ways to express yourself and relate to others with authenticity, warmth and sensitivity, a series of coaching sessions may help.

With so much that is unknown in our increasingly complex lives, following our unique path can be stressful until we find ways to use our difficulties as sources of transformation. My approach is based on Theory U, together with relational and metaphoric approaches to our own development. That means I value our work together as humans complementing and challenged by each other to grow stronger. I also recognise the power of wonder and imagination as ways to engage with our own development. My work is grounded in deep listening and trust in human creativity. When our creativity flourishes, we grow capable of meeting difficulty with courage.

Our conversations offer you a space for honest reflection on your life, your goals and your challenges and a chance to tune in more deeply to what the future is asking of you. You will find insight and inspiration to help you move beyond areas of stuckness, and take a path of active engagement with new ways of being in the world.

Together we decide on what will best work for you in terms of timing, cost and regularity. Contact me to find out more about my approach and see if it suits your situation.