Those who come for coaching want to transform some aspect of their personal or professional lives. They value deep listening, the capacity to identify old habits and engage with new ones, a creative and spiritual approach to transformation, gentle rigour and radical candour.

As a coach, I will

  • listen for what’s arising in your life
  • observe and reflect themes, patterns and habits, both the old ones you need to let go, and the new ones you are developing
  • add to your own insights with my reflections and observations
  • support you in exercises and activities which deepen insight and strengthen new capacities and habits
  • encourage you to practice and embody new habits through micro-practices that help you to shift and transform
  • help you see your own gifts, challenges and development with compassion and tenderness

major sources of inspiration

  • creative phenomenology
  • Theory U and the work of the Presencing Institute on transformation literacy
  • soul-spiritual wisdom around personal transformation, the role of emotions and our human capacities
  • creative arts – working with images, story, poetry – as ways to make explicit and support human and earth transformation

Together we decide on what works best for you in terms of timing, cost and regularity. Contact me to find out more about my approach and see if it suits your situation.