I offer coaching for personal and professional development to address challenges in your life. I know that pain, crisis and challenge are the usual signals that something in our lives needs healing or transformation. Often we need some companionship to help us achieve the transformation that has escaped us until now. That companionship is based on reflection, clarification, and defining goals.

In the 21st century, we are faced with so much that is unknown. We need to develop approaches that are based on our own experiences and reflect not just the past but what is emerging from the future for us. Developing our unique capacities to contribute our own gifts is something we feel as urgent to contribute to the healing of the world. This takes us beyond old frameworks or patterns of behaviour into new understandings. We need to develop our own approach which will serve our development as it serves world development.

When I taught first year undergraduate students, I would get them to talk about their approach to study — how and when they liked to study, what helped them. Yes, there were patterns but there was no single successful method. Some people had to listen to music, others needed silence. Some loved to work in groups, others to study solo. There were those who always finished well ahead of time and others who needed the stimulus of the deadline to get going. Finding our own way is essential.

The approaches I use to help you find your way out of a current area of stuckness are based on Theory U, relational, metaphoric as well as listening approaches to working with our lives in ways that transform our experiences and allow our creative selves to flourish.

Our conversations offer you a space for honest reflection on your life, your goals and your challenges. We will share insights and reflections about where you are stuck and you will find practices, simple creative exercises, and inspiration to help you move towards the future that you sense is right for you.

We agree on the way that will best work for both of us in terms of timing, cost and regularity, so please let me know if you would like to organise an initial session ($120 for approximately 1.5 hours) or contact me so we can talk about whether my approach will suit your needs.