life support group

A new project

I have a new project that I’m working on which I’m calling the ‘life support group’. I’m inviting four or five people to join me for 12 facilitated sessions which will involve training, creative activities and peer support with a focus on listening, sharing dilemmas and finding what’s needed to meet the challenges in our personal and vocational lives. It promises to be a rich and enjoyable project which offers support, training and mentorship.

This initial series is an independent research project for which I have received funding so that I can invite the first group members to participate for free in return for the opportunity to research the impact for group members.Our sessions will be held in the outer eastern suburbs, probably in the evening or at the weekend. As well as 12 three-hour sessions of peer support, training and creative activity, and up to three individual mentorship sessions, I’ll conduct two interviews with participants and ask for some written responses to three surveys to research the effectiveness and outcomes of this project.

I expect that we will begin in May or June 2019 and I’m finalising details by early May, so please contact me if you or someone you know would like to be involved.