what people have said about individual sessions

Clare has an amazing capacity to see and work towards addressing a particular issue without spending hours talking about the issue. Each time we worked together, Clare just knew and felt what was needed to assist me in my struggle. She offered me simple, yet very powerful exercises that were so supportive in the moments when I felt stuck and overwhelmed. After talking to Clare I always feel I have the capacity to work towards transformation. She works not only with feelings and thinking, but she warms up my will to strive towards stepping forward on my own path. (Agnieszka)

Clare’s gentle, kind, creative approach to grappling with change is wonderfully thought provoking and life affirming. Her ability to tap into our own intuitive wisdom is breathtaking. If you need some guidance from a mature wise woman, I would strongly recommend Clare. (Stuart, Psychologist)

Clare has a magical armchair. Well, it certainly seems like it, though it is more likely the case that Clare makes me feel so comfortable that I’m ready to let unfold what needs to unfold. It’s rare to meet someone so good at listening. She has an eclectic kit of counselling tools which she deftly uses to facilitate a deep investigation into the self.  She’s kind of like a midwife for the soul. I loved the writing exercise particularly. 

I had the opportunity to have some individual sessions with Clare during her visits to NZ and these were food for my soul! I took the heartfelt approach that she has inspired in me in my therapy work and she has enhanced my listening skills with my clients. I am very grateful and I would like to have her more often here on the other side of the Tasman Sea. I am looking forward to the next one! (Laura)

Having Clare Coburn as an ally during my PhD journey has transformed it from a dreaded process to a creative one. As a scholar, teacher and artist/writer, she is able to distil the authentic voice from the habitual. She is a careful and attentive listener. I would highly recommend Clare to anyone seeking illumination in the forest …but only if you are also willing to meet yourself in the mirror.

Very rich and soothing – working alongside you makes me feel like a) I am normal in my chaos b) I will make it c) it’s all ok d) it’s actually more than ok, because it’s the real deal and e) there is an end to the intensity.  

…I have learned that there are new ways to find healing and new ways of imagining my life.
what people have said about group sessions

I love being in a meditative space that is open, playful and accepting, and encourages creativity from the soul and heart.

…honest, true and full of insight. We share much but not anything at all; an inside, honest part of ourselves that lay dormant…

It was a gathering of wisdom. It felt very OK to be in this space. No pressure.

I write what I write. Sometimes it’s not much, sometimes it’s ordinary and sometimes it’s extraordinary and it’s all OK.

I felt fresh and perky after your workshop. Your facilitation was brillant, and the activities were fun. It was easy to open up without feeling on the spot or pressured.

There is space for creativity, collaboration, playfulness and soul-searching.

We delved deeply into the essentials of life in a playful and heartfelt way.

Feedback from Courage and Calling September 2015
with Judith Frost-Evans and Clare Coburn, Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

I liked the fantastic gentle but structured facilitator skills—you were respectful, led but got out of the way, IMG_9902focussed us and brought out depth in participants.

The work in pairs was great, listening to each other’s significant issue and telling a story in response to that. It was a truly magical experience and very profound.

The thoughtful preparation and context was like a container for me. Heartfilled and heartfelt, it evoked, it seemed, every participant to become at one with this vessel, so that it allowed nourishing, breathing and gave a sense of renewal.

I really liked how you built community amongst us.

What delighted me was the manifest kindness, gentleness and conscious courtesy of you two superb, experienced yet ever-fresh leaders.

Fantastic! So much to digest and deepen.

I loved the stories: real food for the soul. I also loved the spaciousness to share, reflect and be in silence.

I liked the sharing, being in such a supportive environment. Exciting times ahead for me.


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