receiving support

tree with support Kenrokuen Gillian.jpg

These images of trees being supported in their growth moved me. Posted by a friend who leads creative tours to Japan, the attentive gardening practices in use touched me deeply.  It takes a sensitive gardener to offer the support that’s required.

It was particularly the notion of receiving support which evoked a tender feeling within me. The desire for support has been particularly insistent lately, yet the longing to find a healthy and helpful form of peer support has been present for years. Reading of enviable practices in the book, Presence, a decade or so ago, I have been involved in support groups of various kinds. They have all been helpful but somehow I still didn’t feel the kind of ‘supportedness’ I longed for.

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do I really have to change?


Change is what we’re here for. Transformation. Development. Our souls always sending out some desire for something new which leads us towards change if we let it. Or we bump into unexpected circumstances that require us to become more truly ourselves by leaving behind what’s old. Someone we work with or live with or love resists us or conflicts with us. A friendship blooms and requires us to develop something new. Or one fades. We fall pregnant unexpectedly. We visit a new town, city, country and decide to stay. And of course there are even bigger shifts when someone we love dies or a major catastrophe engulfs us. All of these require change. (I’m not even going to start exploring the signs of much-needed change emerging in our political systems).

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