As well as poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction, I write articles on a range of topics and in various media and assist other writers with structural and copy editing.

Samples of my own work

Here is a summary of my thesis on listening in mediation. It includes some useful listening exercises. Please contact me if you would like a complete copy of my thesis.

I like to take a soulful and slantwise perspective on personal and world events. For example, a comment piece published in The Age on 1 August 2014, promotes cardigan wearing for politicians. I’ve also written recently for several issues of Yarn magazine on the benefits of knitting, including in the March 2016 edition.

My academic publications include:

Journal articles and conference proceedings

Douglas, K. and Coburn, C. (2014) Attitude and response to emotion in dispute resolution: the experience of mediators, Flinders Law Journal, 16(1)

Coburn, C. Batagol, B., and Douglas, K. (2013)  Humour and mediation: how a dose of humour may help mediators and disputants in conflict, Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal

Coburn, C. (2012) Developing listening and suspension capacities for mediators, Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal, 23(2)

Law, S. F., Jones, S., Douglas, K. and Coburn, C. (2009) E-learning and role plays online: assessment options, ATN Assessment Conference 2009: Conference Proceedings

Douglas, K. and Coburn, C. (2009) Students designing role plays: Building empathy in law students, Journal of the Australasian Law Teachers Association, 2 (1&2)

Coburn, C. and Edge, A. (2007) Listening to each other: the heart of mediation and dialogue, Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal, 18(1)

Coburn, C. and Jensen, M. (2006) Conflict in the workplace: is mediation an appropriate response? Proceedings of the National Mediation Conference, Hobart

Book chapters

Bishop, H. & Coburn, C. (2012) Dreaming of peace: Indigenous conflict, culture and peace. In D. Bretherton & N. Balvin (Eds.) Peace Psychology in Australia New York, NY: Springer

Coburn, C. (2011) Empathy training and listening skills. In D. Christie & C. Monteil (Eds.). Encyclopedia of Peace Psychology. Wiley-Blackwell.

Coburn, C. (2011) Storytelling (as a peacebuilding method). In D. Christie & C. Monteil (Eds.). Encyclopedia of Peace Psychology. Wiley-Blackwell.

Other projects

I have written for a wide range of  media and publications including for Eureka Street, Radio National Perspectives, Southern Sydney Institute of TAFE, Young Presidents’ Organisation, Acres Australia and The Parent’s Paper. I worked as a technical writer for Cochlear, makers of the cochlear implant, and wrote and edited publications for Qantas.

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